Welcome to the Pines   

Pines sign

Welcome to the residential information site of the Almanor Pines Neighborhood Association located in Lake Almanor, CA. You will find answers to most common questions within the links of the website. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email the Association. Join our Facebook Page to see what is going on in this quiet community nestled in the Pines.

Bear Alert:

There has been a bear sighted in the neighborhood since the fire and you can’t blame him. Not much to eat in the woods these days and garbage day seems like the best time to make the rounds looking for a picka-nic-basket. He has been sighted raiding garbage cans in the past but he has now turned to better pickings by turning over freezers on back porches. Bears tend to get bolder if not discouraged and once a garbage can bear always a garbage can bear. Follow this Link: Living with Wildlife for more information of how to minimize our conflicts with wildlife and especially this Link: Keep Me Wild for more tip with wild animals.

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