Almanor Pines Lake Access Easement

The property owners that live in Lake Almanor Pines Subdivisions Unit 1 and Unit 2 have an easement at the intersection of Peninsula Dr and Big Cove Rd.  There has been confusion about the location of this easement for access to Lake Almanor for recreational purposes.  The photos below and the link to a video will help in finding the pathway to the Lake.  The Curry’s have build a pathway that leads from the parking area down the western side of the drainage ditch.  There is a bridge that can be used to access the eastern shoreline.

If you are interested in reading the  Lake Access and Mutual Release Agreements that was settled in the 2001 court case follow the above link.  If you have any questions contact John Lundquist and he can bring your up to date on the status of the easement.

Here is a Map download

Here is the

Video of Lake Access Easement.
























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