“The Pines” is a small neighborhood nestled in the pines on the Peninsula at Lake Almanor.  One way in and one way out makes it a very quiet and peaceful  neighborhood that is close to recreation that includes golfing, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and hiking.

Lake Almanor Pines was developed by Edward J. Carr in  March, 1965, and he filed the official map of “LAKE ALMANOR PINE’S SUBDIVISION, UNIT NO. ONE”, on June 21, 1965.  “The Pines” was developed primarily as neighborhood for the local full time residents unlike the Country Club and other lakefront properties around the lake that attract seasonal residents.  The CC&R’s created were a tool to retain property values and was less restrictive than gated communities.  Less restrictions makes a comfortable neighborhood with freedoms not found in the “Country Club” atmosphere.  The Lake Almanor Pines Property Owners Association (LAPPOA) was created to manage the common interests of the community and enforce the CC&R’s to insure like interests and retain property values.  Membership in the Association is voluntary and therefore has had a small group of members (but growing) that strive to keep the neighborhood safe and on track with the general needs of the community.  Because membership is voluntary and the Association no longer owns common property the Association decided to change it’s name to Almanor Pines Neighborhood Association in July of 2017.

Almanor Pines Neighborhood Association’s  specific purpose is to improve, preserve the area in which we live, and to help promote health and safety for the residents within the confines of the corporation.

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